October 14, 2021

How do you overcome the feeling of overwhelming


Have you felt it? It's that feeling you get stuck and cannot move.

It's all due to the document that has to be written: the proposal, report and training materials or, perhaps that crucial email.

Deadline is fast approaching.

Your brain is full of thoughts, yet it isn't producing. The procrastination bug sets in.

You create something. The result is a minimum acceptable product. It's useful, but it doesn't show your full capabilities.

The work you've created may be a bit off from the desired result.

You're running out of time to make improvements on your work.

What do you think if there was an alternative?

One of the most difficult things with writing is the notion that everything will happen to us when we're ready for it to. However, the reality is quite different. This is when the feeling of feeling overwhelmed begins to creep in.

Three steps that you can try to lessen the stress.

They include:

  1. Plan your document
  2. Eliminate distractions
  3. Concentrate your attention and focus on the task at hand.

Let's examine each of these in greater in greater detail.

#1. Plan your document

When you plan your document, you'll be in a position to create an outline of the topics you'd like to write about. For this, you must consider the person who will read your document, and what outcomes you'd like to see by having your readers going through the document.

Next, think about the main aspects you wish to address and then create an outline. Being able to clearly define the path you want to follow can help you keep on track and ensures that your thoughts flow from one point to the next.

#2. Eliminate distractions

It could be a distraction to check your emails often or working at your desk and the urge to talk to your coworker, whether in person or online.

You can turn off the ability to detect when you've received a new message - regardless of whether what you're writing about is an email. Plan the time to focus on your calendar, so employees can be aware that you're unavailable.

If you are able, locate another location where you can complete your task. If you're unable to get away from your desk due to the fact that you're working on an office computer on a desktop and not a laptop, and are frequently distracted from where you work you might want to consider using a pencil and paper to make an outline of your document. It's a fun way to bring the brain juices to work.

#3. Concentrate your attention and energy

To assist you in staying focused to focus, you can work in segments of time. Also, you should give yourself a time limit to write your paper and concentrate on your work for that time. Set a timer that will help you stay on track with the time you've chosen to be focused on your work. If the timer is set to go off you should stop and take a break.

Begin with short moments of focus time.

You could, for instance, begin with a 25-minute period of concentrated work, followed by a five-minute break. The trick is to create a timer to breaks. It's easy to be lost in checking your email or figuring out what else you want to complete. The purpose of a break is to let you recharge and refocus your attention back on.


The technique is called the Pomodoro method appropriately named after the kitchen timer that is in the shape of tomato. (Pomodoro means tomato in Italian).

You can increase the timeframe for breaks and focusing to meet your personal preferences.

It takes time to become comfortable working this manner. However, you've probably been doing it before, without realizing it.

I like to compare the process to writing essays for exams during school. Did you ever write an essay within short time in an exam?

There was no distraction and you were expected to pay attention. You'd have studied before the test and had an idea of what you'd be covering based on the type of questions being asked.

When you finished reading the essay, you swiftly created an outline and then stayed focused on the work to be completed. You set aside time for each part of your essay to make sure you've covered all the material within the time allotted.

Writing an essay for school was not easy, but following a method allowed you to write something valuable within the time you had been given.

The great thing about writing in a corporate setting is that you aren't normally have to write quickly and in a hurry. It is possible to break down portions of your documents in such a way that, for each period that you write, you could focus on one particular area. This doesn't need to be completed in one sitting.

What if you are still blank during these writing sprints?

In these instances (and they can happen) review your outline, and then start writing about one section or outline. Do not try to alter the outline you've created. Write it down. More you write the more more easy it gets. Through this process you're learning to be focused for that amount of time. Writing isn't a requirement for you to write your perfect writing piece. It's just about getting your thoughts written down. The document is refined during the editing and reviewing phase.

The benefit of this method is that your concentration is centered and your energy is also focused.

There's nothing worse than putting yourself in a position to write even when you're tired and struggling to concentrate. By working in short bursts of time, you'll be capable of recharging and giving the attention you need to your work.

After you've finished the document and are eager to go over it again, take time to rest. Reviewing your document following breaks will allow you to review it with fresh eyes'.

We aren't living in an a perfect world.

In a perfect world, you'll be able to plan your document, then write every part before rereading it , and then forward the completed document to your readers. But the reality is no matter if it's a proposal, report, training material , or email, you could be limited in time to finish your work to your liking.

This doesn't mean you can skip any step of the procedure.

What you must do is to condense the timeframe of the procedure.

A process that you follow helps you reduce the feelings of overwhelming that results in procrastination. It assists you in moving away from the minimavable productapproach and instead, to the highest quality of writing output.

High-quality writing is the same process.

The three steps of the process will help you write more professional papers (and email messages):

  1. Plan your document
  2. Eliminate distractions
  3. Pay attention to your energy and focus.

Also, they allow for your best capabilities to shine through your writing.

A well-written document reflects positively on youas an individual and also your business. It also reduces the need for clarifications and assists you in achieving your objectives that's why that you're writing the documents in the initial place.

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