October 14, 2021

Create passive business revenue through the use of trigger emails

If you wish to use your marketing via email to generate passive income for your business, even when you're on holiday, it is essential to purchasing high-quality email automation software. If you're an email marketer working in the travel industry, eCommerce industry, or in any other B2B or SaaS sector, sending out behaviour-based email campaigns that trigger are essential for all businesses, regardless of industry.

A study by Get Response has revealed that triggered emails perform better than autoresponders and newsletters.

These emails with triggers are more effective than newsletters

Before we get to the various kinds of trigger emails We will discuss the advantages of sending these emails.

Benefits of Triggered Emails

Since trigger emails are sent out in response to a subscriber's behaviour and activities, they will more often be opened and lead to conversions.

They help in retaining customers by encouraging repeat purchases.

With the help of trigger emails, you can increase trust and increase customer loyalty.

You can also upsell or cross-sell products that are relevant to you through trigger emails.

The ability to trigger email workflows frees you from manual work and allows you to concentrate on business growth.

Once you are aware of the significance of triggered emails, we'll discuss trigger emails that you must have.

1. Welcome Emails

Check out these numbers:

Comparing click-through rates

The reason for this is because it is the case that customers are eagerly awaiting welcome emails when the sign-up process is completed.

It is possible to build an improved relationship with your clients by sending these emails. If you wish the welcome messages to deliver the most benefits A sequence of 3 to 5 emails is the most effective.

Office mails three welcome emails within their welcome sequence and each serves a different function.

In the initial email, they've welcomed the new subscriber, and also informed them of the USPs.

welcome email

The second email highlights all the most popular products in order to convince users to make their first purchase.

Top-selling products

The third email attempts to discover the date of birth for the subscriber in order to create personalized offers messages on the day of their birth.

2. Browse for abandoned email messages

Birthday gift

Most of the time, customers browse your website , and then quit. An email to abandon the browsing experience will help bring those customers back to make the purchase. Make use of this opportunity to highlight the benefits of the product you they have searched for and provide product suggestions.

For instance:

Here's an abandonment of browsing email from Silver Street Jewellers. Check out how they've shared their most the most popular jewelry items to increase the amount of money spent on orders.

Value of the order

Take a look at this browse abandonment email via Really Good Emails in which they've tried to assist the client with three simple steps.

Three simple steps

3. Cart Abandonment Emails

As of the month March, Statista revealed that the abandoned 88.05 percent of shopping carts on the internet. To get over the hurdle of losing sales, you should send email messages to recover your cart. The emails were responsible for 34% of conversion rates and 11 percent of all orders via email.

Similar to email welcome messages, you need to send out a string of emails for cart abandonment to convince customers to buy.

ASICS has perfected their cart abandonment emails with attractive images and the top sellers.

visually appealing

4. Transactional Emails

Your customers want to find out the status of their order when they've placed the order. It's no wonder email confirmations of orders show that the rate for open is about 60 percent.

Different kinds of transactional emails include the following:

Password reset emails

Subscription confirmation emails

Order confirmation emails

E-mails containing the status of the shipment

Order delivery emails

Subscription cancellation emails

It is possible to use the email messages related to orders to their maximum extent by highlighting latest arrivals or top sellers which can be a great complement to prior purchases.

Check out how Amazon prepares their transactional emails, which include all the necessary information regarding the purchase and top-rated products that the buyer might want to purchase.

Popular items

5. Re-engagement Emails

It's five times more costly to get a new customer than to keep the one you already have. To increase the effectiveness of your efforts to retain customers, email re-engagement is of paramount importance. These emails can be used to inform subscribers of the latest news that the subscriber may not have heard about and to entice them to learn more.

The re-engagement email suggestions are:

I. personalize emails to be personalized.

I. Let subscribers set their preferences.

II. Remind them why they joined to begin with.

IV. Provide interesting industry news that subscribers would like to know about.

V. Send a string of two to three emails to re-engage.

Here's a set of two emails to re-engage with Simpl.

The appealing copy, attractive offer and a clear CTA make these templates more efficient.

Email 1:

A tempting offer

Email 2:

An attractive deal

When none of the above strategies are successful, the final option is to allow your users to opt out of your newsletters.

6. Affiliations based on the event Emails

Omnisend has found that companies that send birthday messages to their customers experience an open rate of 45 with a 12% click-through and a 33% conversion rate. This proves that customers are thrilled to receive special discounts and offers on their birthdays and other special occasions.

Learn how Nike sends out stunning birthday emails to their customers.Visually rich emails based on an event

Closing Up

The triggers of emails can elevate your subscribers' satisfaction to the next level, and result more revenue to your company. Did you use this method already?

If you're not sure, NOW is the right time to start investing in it. Automated tools such as Mailchimp, Marketo, HubSpot and Salesforce can assist you in doing it.

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